“we come from the earth in life, and return to the earth in death”
Soil is the source of energy, the source for life.

But we have contaminated the Earth’s soil and are just realizing the effect this has on all living things.
All living organisms living here on Earth are made up of the same elements in the same proportion as the Earth. This means the contamination of the Earth and its subsequent elemental depletion translates to that exact consequence in living organisms. While the sustenance of the Earth and also us require our economic development to be founded upon ecological realities, modern civilization pursued an economic plan of material growth that was careless to our ecology. The industrial production employed for this economic plan has left severe damage to the environment with excess carbon gas and has caused toxic waste buildup in soil, plants, animals, and humans (bioaccumulation). Global warming will ensue more forceful natural disasters, mass desertation of land, rise in sea levels. In response to this global crisis, Miyamonte has developed a cost efficient Organic source that dually acts as a carbon neutralizer (in the soil, plants, animals, and humans) and as an efficient means to produce sufficient biofuel which would provide clean usable and renewable energy worldwide.

A significant characteristic unique to Fulvic Acid is its Double-Task cell health activity. As a chelating agent, it cleanly removes excess or harmful materials from the body while also acting as a supplementary agent transporting nutrients the body needs.

It is supposed that with the effective use of fulvic acid for human health, pharmaceutical companies would no longer have business purpose. Fulvic acid can absorb contaminating heavy metals from the soil and the sea, initiates faster growth of animals that are healthy, establishes strong and faster and toxin free vegetation. Through the natural course of the food chain, eating vegetables and animals rich in fulvic acid would effect higher quality diet and thereby, greater health in us.

Until now, market available fulvic acid solutions are extracted from Black Soil, Podsol Peat, tropical peat, Brown Earth Soil, Ammonite (Leonardite, Phosphorous) Hematite, Waste extraction. Earth drawn fulvic acid does contain HA (Humic Acid), FA (Fulvic Acid), but the earth’s content of fulvic acid is very low in the wake of pollution, and this extraction means to strip the Earth of the fulvic acid. Fulvic Acid extracted from fossil fuels reacts with chlorine to release highly toxic trihalomethane. While fulvic acid extracted from fossil fuels has been shown to facilitate agricultural crop growth, ultimately, it may affect the same problems as fossil fuel energy.

In 2003, Miyamonte successfully produced fulvic acid by implementing their custom developed biotechnology to initiate a rapid breakdown of raw waste matter. This produced fulvic acid that was shown to be biologically compatible for ingestion by animal and humans to restore and retain physical health, and shown to be readily absorbable by contaminated soil that was effectively refined of pollutant buildup, namely heavy metals. This lead to the production of MiyaOrganic (soil use) and Miyaction (drinkable liquid). Our solution was the subject of an agricultural protocol study at Antonio Naro Autonomous University of Agriculture and the protocol data and solution analysis suggested the natural and astounding benefits of the solution. Our solutions were submitted to BIOAGRICERT. Miyamonte Fulvic Acid was also certified Organic by IFOAM, EU2092/9, NOP-USDA, JAS-JAPAN, AB (France), BIOSUISSE and CCAQ (Canada), by code BAC008968. Miyamonte Fulvic Acid makes possible a Natural Perfect Detritus Cycle as a Carbon Neutral product.

Miyamonte Fulvic Acid Benefit Potential ranges from agriculture, natural environment, physical health improvement and continuity. The wideness of this scope may suggest that the possibilities are infinite. For example, a strong proposition for repairing the environment is the use of biofuel, or energy produced from biomass, or living or recently living biological material. Because the carbon gas released when burnt as fuel is reusable and renewable when cycled through plants, unlike the carbon gas released from petroleum or fossil fuels. The absorption of Miyamonte Organic Fulvic Acid serves to clean toxic residue while not contributing additional Carbon Dioxide and thus, is a CARBON NEUTRAL product. Miyamonte Fulvic Acid can make a major contribution to our future efforts in cleaning our environment by increasing volume and speed of sugar cane or corn production to provide cost efficient ethanol or cultivating plants on contaminated land to absorb the heavy metals into the plant and then extracting them to recycle the metal.

All living organisms living here on Earth are made up of the same elements in the same proportional balance as the Earth. This phenomenon of a cosmic essential relativity unites each and every unit of all matter within planet Earth by the likeness in all of our basic elemental composition. Dysfunction and destruction occur when there is an imbalance in a body’s composition. Earth’s environmental dysfunction now reflects an imbalance in its elemental composition. This is caused by the breakdown of cycles on Earth that regulates the conditions required to maintain the balance of the base elements and minerals that make up Earth.
The most important cycle is the Carbon Neutral Cycle which is a system of activities that effectively clean and reuse the carbon gas at the same rate that it is emitted so the carbon levels in the ecosystem are neutralized. Burning material for energy emits a carbon gas into the atmosphere. Through the process of photosynthesis, carbon gases are absorbed into the plant and converted into renewable energy.

In the 20th Century, the industrial boom initiated the need for a cheap and efficient energy source to power mass industrial production, new inventions of progress (automobiles, planes, sophisticated war weaponry, space travel, etc.) We drilled oil ever abundantly from the Earth and it became the prime energy source for nearly everything from daily household utilities, namely heat, to powering industrial production worldwide. Initially, we were under the mistaken presumption that the oil supply within the Earth was being replenished and initially unaware of the extreme damage it would cause to the environment in its application. The industrial boom also brought with it the trend of synthetically manufacturing cheap materials to be used in mass quantities, from cloth material, to plastics, etc. Industrial production then introduced industrial waste that was disposed directly into the land and water.

It is understood now that the use of petroleum and fossil fuels release a carbon gas that is not able to be effectively absorbed and cleanly converted by plants. On top of which, mass production was depleting natural ecozones at an alarming rate as well.
By releasing an incompatible carbon gas (i.e. petroleum, fossil fuel) to the earth we disabled Earth’s green life’s function as the carbon-neutralizing agent in the Carbon Neutral Cycle. The plants now, not being able to convert the carbon into energy, are storing the carbon in their plant bodies. Passing through the food chain, this toxin ends up in our bodies as harmful bioaccumulation that cause disease and can be lethal over time.
In order to restore the balance in Earth, in plants, animals, and humans, we must guide our planet back to Carbon Neutral while also meeting the demand of growing energy needs and allow for economic proliferation. In response to this global crisis, Miyamonte has developed a cost efficient Organic source that dually acts as a carbon neutralizer (in the soil, plants, animals, and humans) and as an efficient means to produce sufficient biofuel which would provide clean energy worldwide and not contribute polluting carbon gas emissions because the carbon gas released from biofuel is readily converted by plants.